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Pulverized coal rotary isokinetic sampling system, successfully applied by INERCO in numerous optimization trials performed in power plants. It accomplishes an easy, reproducible and reliable measurement of pulverized coal flow rate and particle size distribution. Semi-automated and fully portable equipment, designed in accordance with ISO 9931 Standard.

It makes possible the tuning of imbalances found in the coal supplied to individual burners, precursors of efficiency losses and the generation of emissions and operational problems in power plants.

Advantages of using  ABACO-PCSampler technology:

  • Only one non specialized operator for the achievement of an accurate measurement
  • Probe movement monitoring
  • Isokinetic condition automatic adjustment
  • Control over sampling time
  • Adaptable to pipe conditions
  • High repeatability and reliability of measurement
  • Sampling assistance program
  • Minimal training required

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