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INERCO ETech offers its proprietary solutions for the economic and environmental improvement of industrial processes, and in particular of the combustion process. Our technological solutions have been successfully applied in the power generation, chemical and oil & gas sectors.


At INERCO ETech we design, build and install advanced technological systems and equipment which guarantee improvements in energy performance and in investment, operating and maintenance costs. Our solutions also provide reductions of environmental emissions (CO2, NOx, CO, SOx, and particles, among others) and facilitate the use of new fuels with better prices and results.


Our state-of-the-art solutions not only assure optimum performance for a wide variety of industrial processes but also guarantee sustainable and safe operation. In addition, INERCO ETech provides engineering services for the assessment and optimization of other industrial processes in these sectors.


Available services and technologies:
  • Customized Combustion Technologies
  • Proprietary Combustion Optimization Systems
  • Advanced Combustion Monitoring and Regulation Systems
  • Cost-effective NOx Abatement Solutions
  • Automation and Control
  • Combustion Tunning, Optimization Test, Process Simulation and Technology Application Studies
  • Execution and Coordination of R&D Projects

Distinguishing features:
  • Taylor-made solutions.
  • Development of innovative proprietary technologies: LNB burners, OFA, reburning, FGR, air/fuel staging, coal classification, air preheaters, SNCR, SCR, etc.
  • Advanced technological solutions that solve the typical limitations found in convetional solutions
  • Optimized and cost-effetive solutions adapted to client needs
  • Broad expertise in execution of experimental programs: combustion diagnosis, parametric analisys, combustion tuning, guarantee trials, etc.

  • Efficiency improvement
  • Emissions reductions: CO2, NO, CO, SOx, mercury, particles, etc
  • Improvement of process monitoring, regulation and control
  • Fuel use optimization: poor quality or difficult fuels, co-firing
  • Reduction of SCR/SNCR capital and operating costs
  • Optimization of boiler/milling system availiability, operation flexibility and maintenance
  • Process safety improvement
  • Resolution of operational problems: carbon-in-ash, corrosion, fouling and slagging

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