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Combustion optimization system through the accurate surveillance of combustion process  by means of the automated measurement and control of local in-furnace gases concentrations in industrial boilers and furnaces (O2, CO, NOx, CO2, SO2).

ABACO-Opticom provides plant operators with a valuable information for the prevention of detrimental operating conditions in boiler walls, as well as the key parameters for combustion tuning (fuel and air distribution, excess O2, etc.) so as to optimize emissions and heat transfer.


  • Characterization of actual in-furnace flue gases concentrations profiles (no averaged values, no interpolation software)
  • Simultaneous improvement in heat rate in a range of 0.5% — 1.0%
  • Typical NOx emissions reduction in a range of 15% — 30%, exclusively through combustion tuning
  • Improvements in carbon-in-ash and CO emissions
  • Corrosion and slagging control

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