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Automatic equipment for on-line sampling and measurement of LOI in fly-ash. The system reproduces the reference technique used in the laboratory for the measurement of unburnt matter in fly-ash generated in thermal combustion units. Common problems affecting other equipment based on direct or indirect methods are solved using ABACO - LOI.

Additional application for the on-line characterization of parameters such as volatile matter or total humidity content in pulverized coal samples.

Advantages of using ABACO-LOI (with respect to microwave based systems or other monitors):

  • Reliability assured and demonstrated
  • Unique market existing monitor in which the measurement methodology is the reference technique used in laboratory
  • High precision
  • No drift, no calibration required
  • Unaffected by variations in physical-chemical properties of coal ash or the fly-ash
  • Unaffected by interferences: hydroxides, carbonates, ammonia compounds, etc.
  • Cost-effective solution involving different samplers with a single analyzer (multiplexing)
  • No obstructions during the transport of fly-ash

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