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INERCO ETech offers customized, cost-effective, proprietary technological solutions to enhance efficiency and performance of industrial processes. Solutions are adapted to client needs, avoiding high capital investments and reducing operating costs. Main INERCO ETech available solutions are:

  • Combustion optimization, heat rate improvement and enhancement of operational flexibility of industrial boilers and furnace
  • Emission reduction (NOx, CO2, CO, SOx, Hg, particulates) through combustion tuning and abatement technologies
  • Innovative technology for reducing capital and operating costs of NOx secondary measures (SCR/SNCR)
  • Advanced monitoring and regulation systems
  • Fuel use optimization and flexibility increase, introducing the possibility of using poor quality or difficult fuels different from design conditions and co-firing
  • Resolution, minimization and/or prevention of detrimental operating conditions in boiler walls and tubes (corrosion, carbon-in-ash, slagging, fouling, SH tubes/flue gas temperature)
  • Enhancement of process safety and availability
  • Control and Automation
  • Combustion trials and optimization tests
  • Process simulation, technology application studies, R&D projects

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