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Combustion and Milling Systems Diagnosis, Guarantee Trials and Techno-Economic Assessment of Technologies:

  • Combustion Diagnosis for efficiency improvement and NOx emissions reduction,  control of carbon-in-ash, slagging, corrosion and CO formation. Identification of malfunctions and operational optimization potential, and proposal of improvements
  • Assessment and Guarantee Trials of pollutant control equipment in order to comply with contractual values
  • Consultancy Services on process engineering for new technologies assessment and market analysis, tuning of combustion technologies for the consumption of new fuels and/or training  courses on process technologies
  • Management and Execution of R&D projects concerning combustion optimization, efficiency improvement and emissions reduction


  • Process diagnosis and guarantee trials
  • Identification of optimized and cost-effective customized solution
  • Efficiency improvement and emissions reduction
  • Solution of malfunctions and operational problems
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance identification
  • Unit availability and flexibility improvement

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